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Photos Create Happiness

My specialty is portrait photography. Wherever you are around Europe and whether it is your family gatherings in your sweet home or garden, wedding day, baby shower, or next “grandfather with the children” gift or anniversary, I will make sure you capture those memories with professionalism and passion.


The Missezd Babe is bold

Our goal is to empower women globally to be confident in their own skin and be who they want to be. We are inspired by the new generation of modern millennial females. We strive to do exactly that. The Missezd Babe is bold, a go-getter and a dream chaser. She is strong and at the same time compassionate. We strive to advocate young females to go for what they want and achieve it.


High standard lashes

Flirty Lashes Australia has been part of several events, which include charity, pageants and sponsors for several workshops across Australia. Our goal here is not only to offer you the most beautiful mink lashes and horse lashes that are ridiculously comfy to wear, reasonably priced.
Our lash collections now include Cruelty Free Mink Lashes, Vegan Friendly Premium Synthetic, and Cruelty Free Horse Hair Lashes. Our ranges have also extended for your beauty accessory needs and desires to our beauty selfie lights, and make up brushes.

James Law

Your Personal Legal Resources

At Harper James Law Group, we like to think of ourselves “solution specialists” as opposed to “lawyers”. This is because we have found that often the best solutions are not just about arguing a point of law, rather the best solutions are fully tailored to the way you do business, what resources you have access to, which relationships are important to you, what your dreams and aspirations are for the future, what you believe and how you think.


Carpet Store That Comes To You

When you get the new home or you want to refresh the old one, the best way to bring a warm, cosy and appealing feeling to it is to get high quality carpets, carpets we provide come with the highest possible quality. And we even bring you a stunning measuring service that is offered free of charge. This service is rare and valuable and thanks to it you can get some amazing carpets that will suit the style of your room. In addition, the Carpets we provide are very cosy and they will provide you with the softness and comfort that you want under your feet, something that is of value in today’s society.