SEO Merrylands

SEO Merrylands is a technique that helps your website rank naturally on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

SEO Merrylands

SEO Merrylands is necessary for every website that wants Google and other top search engines to pull its URL to the forefront of relevant consumer searches. If you are launching a new business or you want to boost your website and pass your local competitors, Innovious SEO is crucial to your success.

The pillars of Innovious SEO services can be broken down into four main priorities that every SEO company follows and uses as guidelines: algorithm evolutionunique user experienceweb browser compatibility and device optimisation. By following algorithm updates, we make sure your local Innovious SEO rankings don’t vary. Offering the best user experience helps your website rank better by serving fast loading pages and pages optimized for high CTR (click-through-rate). Web browser compatibility and device optimization help in achieving the best UX. This makes visitors engage with your website more sending signals to Google that your website is not only user-friendly but also SEO friendly. We understand these factors and implement them in our integrated approach to Sydney SEO. Innovious Media is, therefore, the best option for your SEO Merrylands goals.

  • Website Audit*
  • 5 Developer hours per month**
  • Content Strategy / KeyWord research
  • SEO Optimisation
  • Keyword Implementation and optimisation (up to 3 Keywords)
  • 2 x short form content pieces per month
  • 5 Local Backlinks per month
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Website Audit*
  • 5 Developer hours per month**
  • Content Strategy / KeyWord research
  • Complete SEO Optimisation
  • Keyword Implementation and optimisation (up to 6 Keywords)
  • 4 x short form content pieces per month
  • 10 local backlinks per month
  • Local Suburb Targeting (5 Suburbs/mth)
  • Monthly Reporting
SEO Sydney Services:
At the beginning of your search engine optimisation campaign, we conduct a comprehensive and extensive technical SEO audit of your website and the SEO sensitive offsite elements of your business presence online. Our approach to search engine optimisation is itself continuously optimised – at our SEO company, we are quick to discard approaches that waste yours and our time and retain those that have a track record of working. Below are only a few of the aspects of our SEO health check.

Domain Assessment
We check for possible domain level issues. Does your domain name look trustworthy? Perhaps it poorly reflects the character of your business? The age of your domain may also affect your website’s ability to rank. We check for all SEO sensitive aspects of your domain name and develop a strategy to overcome these problems.

Hosting Assessment
Your web hosting may serve your website from a location far away from your place of business or worse yet from where your audience is. Your host may limit the server resources allocated to your website and limit the ability of your website to serve content to your visitors. We assess all these elements and more; then, we work with your host to resolve any issues and only recommend host migration as a last resort.

Recurring Auditing
As you work on your website, add new pages, upload content, install plugins, tweak and make changes, all the accumulated updates tend to create technical problems which can affect the quality of your website as search engines see it. Our auditing tools run scheduled monthly crawls of your website and alert us of what needs fixing.

Technical SEO Onsite
Improving the technical quality of your website is the basis of our approach to search engine optimisation. At Innovious Media, we specialise in technical SEO. To name only a few points, we will find and fix your broken links, amend your URLs, improve your internal linking structure, speed up your website and optimise your sitemaps wherever possible, as necessary. There is no fluff in the work we do on your website, every action we take and every decision we make when making or recommending changes to your website is informed and has a purpose behind it.

Extensive Keyword Research
Each of our SEO Merrylands campaigns starts with extensive keyword research that informs us on what keywords, terms and phrases your potential customers and clients use to search the internet for products and services like yours. Keyword research is our guide to if and how your website should change to best answer those queries, and consequently encourage search engines to show your pages to those searchers more often and in higher positions.

Content Analysis
Your website probably reflects how you see and understand your business, services and products, but have you considered whether your prospective clients use the same words to talk about and search for what you are offering? Searching the web is a query-answer transaction. We conduct extensive keyword research at the start of every campaign to inform what content should be present on your site, what keywords it should use, and how it should be structured. Are all the SEO sensitive elements of your site optimised? We will make sure they are.

Ongoing Content Strategy
From a search engine’s perspective, a frequently updated website is by definition worth paying attention to (though there are exceptions). Logically, newer content must by definition contain more up-to-date, more accurate and better revised information than older content. That said, older content is also important; any piece of writing that has managed to remain on the web for a long period of time, must also have continuing relevance to its topic. An informed, keyword-driven content publishing strategy is crucial for your business to stay on a search engine’s radar. We develop an approach to writing on topics relevant to your business and industry to attract the attention of search engines and consequently new visitors, while also working on optimising any of the older content you may have published before commencing with us. You would be excused to think that your business does not really need a blog, however, we know from the feedback of business owners who work with us, that our existing, long-term clients do indeed get discovered through their posts and articles.

Backlink Profiling
Not all links are made equal. Many SEO Merrylands agencies will build wholesale links to your website to directly manipulate the rankings. This type of link building is in fact against the guidelines of all major search engines and may easily earn you a penalty or even get you completely delisted as if you do not exist. Do you know where your brand is displayed and how? We thoroughly check your backlink profile for these problems and address them.

Link Building

We do not waste your time spending it on scoping out websites that have little to no reason or interest in linking back to you. Our approach to link building is different and somewhat de-emphasized compared to most other agencies. We find that improving the technical quality of your website is more important to search engines, and improving the quality of your content more important to your visitors than wholesale link building approaches or hassling other local business owners and asking them for backlinks. Some of our best performing Sydney SEO campaigns have reached position one on Google Search Results for highly competitive keywords without a single artificially built link. If you are SEO savvy, you may find this go against the advice of many SEO bloggers and self-professed experts, but our approach is based on experience, evidence and proof, not on opinions. Additionally, link schemes may be in violation of Google guidelines. Google does give some link building advice to website owners, but we find suggestions like “See if you can get mentioned on your local news sites . . .” to be impractical for most small businesses. At Innovious Media, we think it is rather unrealistic to expect that, for example, a sole trader or a small franchise owner will get a mention on even the local news, and prefer to focus our efforts elsewhere instead. We strongly believe in equalizing the playing field for small business owners – everyone deserves to have a shot at being found on the web.

We believe there are types of websites where any online presence-focused business owner can be realistically expected to list their business in order to increase its exposure without being penalised for it. We maintain a curated list of such resources in-house at Innovious Media.


#1 How Long Before I Should Expect Results From My SEO Campaign?
It’s important to be realistic about timeframes when it comes to search engine optimisation. SEO can achieve an incredible return on investment, but don’t expect an overnight success. Normally you’ll see some positive results within 4-6 months, but most SEO campaigns will take around 8-18 months to mature. Depending on the starting condition of your website and the level of competition in your industry you could expect to see significant increases in rankings anywhere between 3 and 9 months. Having realistic expectations around your SEO campaign is critical to your success, so you must give it time to work.

#2 How Much Do SEO Packages Cost With Innovious Media?
Your SEO campaign is tailored to your business, so your recommended investment will vary depending on the competition in your industry and how ambitious you want to be. Our aim is to make SEO affordable to the majority of businesses, so our regional SEO campaigns start from as little as $1,000 per month plus gst and our national SEO campaigns normally start from $3,000 per month plus gst. It’s important to confirm an SEO campaign with sufficient resources to achieve your goals, so make sure you focus on the outcomes you wish to achieve and find an SEO package that’s suitable. You can always start with a lower SEO package and increase over time, but just don’t be tempted by competitors offering SEO deals that seem too good to be true. To find out more about our SEO packages and the recommended budget to achieve your specific business goals, book in for your FREE Discovery Session today and we’ll explain your full range of options and what’s included.

#3 Can You Guarantee #1 Rankings On Google?
No reputable SEO company can guarantee specific rankings. Google themselves provides a warning not to hire SEO companies offering guaranteed rankings or pretending to have any sort of special relationship or priority listing service with Google (no-one has a special relationship with Google!). At Innovious Media, we follow Google’s guidelines and as a ‘white hat’ SEO agency, we don’t make any ambiguous claims. We focus on doing SEO the right way and making our clients money.

Usually, the motivation for asking about guaranteed rankings is to gain some assurance around seeing results from your SEO investment. Our approach is to set clear KPIs for your campaign around impressions, rankings, organic visitors and conversions. We can then set specific goals around your performance, so you can clearly measure your SEO results. We aim to achieve and maintain at least 50% of your rankings on page one of Google for your primary keywords, but it’s important to recognise that the real focus is to ensure your SEO campaign is profitable, rather than worrying about individual rankings.

#4 What KPIs Do You Use To Measure SEO Success?
Ultimately, the success of most SEO campaigns comes down to how profitable they are. While profitability and return on investment are great metrics, they aren’t very useful in the early stages of an SEO campaign. SEO takes time to mature, so it’s important to have some clear KPIs, especially for the first 12 months. There are four KPIs (key performance indicators) that provide the most meaningful measures of success for SEO campaigns:

1. Impressions – This is a measure of online brand visibility. Essentially, it measures how many people are shown your website on a search result page within Google. Impressions will increase as both your primary keywords and any long tail keywords begin to rise in the search engines. This is normally the first metric that increases, so it’s one to take note of in the first few months. After 6-12 months this metric may plateau, so don’t expect this one to continue rising at the same rate as it does at the start of your campaign

2. Rankings – At the beginning of your SEO campaign, we’ll confirm a list of primary keywords to target. Your primary keywords are those that are the most valuable for your to rank for, based on a combination of search volume and relevancy. Rankings for your primary keywords will normally start to reach page one of Google after about 3-6 months, but your most competitive keywords may take much longer depending on your competition. Ideally, we want to maintain at least 50% of your primary keywords on page one, as your rankings will directly influence the amount of organic visitors your website attracts each month. While rankings are critical to the success of your SEO campaign, don’t focus too much on individual keywords or even natural fluctuations in the rankings and don’t expect too much too soon. While rankings are extremely important, remember that organic visitors and conversions from your SEO campaign are actually the measures that make you money

3. Organic Visitors – Whether we call them visitors, traffic, sessions or clicks, we essentially mean the same thing. We wish to measure how many user sessions take place on your site each month that have originated directly from a search engine. The get even more specific, we can isolate ‘non-branded organic visitors’, as this removes searches for your brand and gives us the purest measure of your SEO traffic. Once your SEO campaign begins to mature (after about 6 months), we can then use the ‘organic visitors’ metric to calculate your cost per click (CPC) from your SEO campaign. Knowing your SEO CPC allows you to compare your SEO costs directly with other digital marketing campaigns, such as AdWords, which is a great way to understand your comparative marketing costs. Your organic visitors will only begin to rise significantly once you’re ranking on page one for enough of your primary keywords, although some clients may see significant rises in organic visitors as a result of page one rankings for long tail keywords

4. Conversions – Goal completions or conversions are the output from your search engine optimisation campaign. Some clients focus on soft conversions, like gaining email marketing subscribers, video views, or document downloads. However, most business owners prioritise hard conversions like email enquires or phone enquiries (lead generation). Hard conversions for ecommece websites are easy, as we can measure actual online sales. If we assume most people wish to focus on hard conversions, we need to ensure the value gained from your SEO campaign is greater than your SEO investment. Building a profitable SEO campaign takes time, so you wouldn’t expect to see a positive return on your investment for at least the first 6 months, but between 6 and 12 months this metric should be improving steadily. For a lead generation website, we measure the number of leads gained as a direct result of the SEO campaign, so we can calculate the cost per lead (CPL). CPL is a useful comparative measure, so you can see how your SEO campaign stacks up against your other marketing campaigns. In order to calculate your return on investment (ROI), you need to understand your value per lead (VPL), which is essentially the average lifetime gross profit earned from each new enquiry. Don’t worry if this sounds a bit complex, our SEO consultants will work with you to explore the metrics that matter most to your business throughout your campaign. At the end of the day, your SEO campaign needs to generate leads and sales for your business, so your ‘conversion’ KPI is critical. Increases in conversions won’t happen straight away, so use impressions, rankings, and organic visitors first, then over the longer term switch your focus to conversions

Each SEO campaign has individual goals set for the four KPIs, as each website’s starting positions are different. These goals allow us to clearly measure how your SEO campaign is progressing over time, so everything is as transparent as possible.

#5 Are There Different Stages Within Your SEO Campaigns?
Absolutely. SEO needs to be approached systematically to achieve long-term success. What makes our SEO campaigns so successful, is how we prioritise our time and where we focus our efforts. SEO isn’t about ‘going through the motions’ and just completing tasks or using ‘gut feel’ to solve problems. Each SEO campaign is different, but we do have some common stages within our SEO processes to ensure consistency and quality.

1. Strategy – Understanding your business, your goals and your ideal target market is fundamental to your SEO. With this in mind, we then complete thorough keyword research, competitor research and a complete website audit, so we know how to approach your campaign and the resources required to achieve success

2. Foundation – The first few months are spent on the foundations of your SEO campaign. These foundations are the onsite SEO factors within your website, which include website architecture, onsite content, coding and much more. In some cases, there may be a lot of work to do to even prepare your website for your SEO campaign, but time spent on this stage is essential. We maintain a strict set of SEO Standards to make sure all websites have the right foundations to perform at their best

3. Authority – Once the SEO foundations are in place, we can begin to focus on building authority. Domain authority (DA) is essentially how powerful your website is and it’s potential to rank on the first page of the search engines. This stage is a continual process within your SEO campaign and is actually broken up into sub-stages for new campaigns, then it moves into a ‘test and iterate’ approach as your campaign matures. Building authority is achieved through a broad range of actions including content marketing, link building and social signals

4. Auditing – We use a range of SEO tools to monitor your onsite SEO, offsite SEO and overall performance each month. These regular SEO audits are critical to help us focus our time and feed directly into our workflow planning for your campaign. The SEO audits may emphasis changes needed in response to new algorithm updates or there may be technical SEO factors that need priority attention. Our auditing process feeds back into both the foundation and authority stages to help us continually improve your SEO campaign

5. Review – Your business is constantly evolving in response to new opportunities, threats and competitors. This means your SEO campaign can’t operate in a vacuum. Our regular SEO consultations are a key part of your campaign, as they allow us to discuss important changes affecting your business. By building a strong partnership together and being able to have open and honest discussions, we can help you to continually achieve the best from your digital marketing investments. Our review process commonly leads to changes in keyword targeting, conversions, website enhancements and integration with other marketing activities.

#6 Should I Use AdWords At The Same Time As Starting SEO?
SEO takes time to generate results, so if you need a more immediate boost in enquiries an AdWords campaign can be incredibly powerful. If your budget allows, we strongly recommend running a simultaneous AdWords PPC campaign. In addition to generating leads and sales, AdWords provides a wealth of data and statistics to help refine your Sydney SEO campaign. Even when your SEO is performing, having double brand exposure on the first page of Google has significant benefits and PPC has the flexibility to be a ‘volume control’ for lead generation over the long-term.

#7 What Are Google Penalties And How Do I Avoid Them?
Google penalties can either be manual actions and/or algorithmic penalties and obviously both are bad news. If you suffer a manual penalty you‘ll receive a notification via your Google Search Console, so we can address the problem and seek a reconsideration request. Algorithmic penalties are harder to diagnose and although we can attempt to correlate the time you lost traffic with a known algorithm update, this doesn’t always work, as you could have several algorithmic penalties affecting your website at any one time. The only sure way to recover is to conduct a full SEO audit and address everything that could be holding your website back. Innovious Media can certainly assist you with SEO penalty recovery, but the only sure way to rank in the long-term is to play by the rules.

#8 Do You Follow The SEO Webmaster Guidelines Published By Google?
We sure do. It’s important that whoever you choose as your SEO agency, they follow the guidelines published by Google and the other major search engines. As a white hat SEO agency, we play by the rules and work to ensure our clients deserve their place on the first page. Innovious Media have developed our own SEO standards that exceed the webmaster guidelines for Google and those for Bing and Yahoo as well. The opposite approach is ‘black hat SEO’, which is where people attempt to trick or outsmart the search engines by using dubious techniques that may produce short term gains, but ultimately cause your site irreparable damage. If you value your business, please make sure your SEO agency is only using white-hat SEO techniques.

#9 Why Should I Continue Investing In SEO Services Once I Achieve First Page Rankings?
Getting to page one on Google is a great achievement, but it’s only half the battle. If you don’t continue investing in SEO, then you’ll soon experience a loss in rankings. Marketing is about doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t, so if your SEO is making you money, why would you stop? Beyond the obvious risks to your business, there are three main reasons to continue investing in SEO services:

1. Ranking Defence – Once you’re on page one, you have to defend your position or you’ll quickly lose your new rankings. Remember that you took your rankings from someone else and they’re going to want them back! The first page of Google is very competitive for most industries, so once you reach page one, you become a threat to everyone already there. Your competitors are likely to increase their SEO efforts when you reach page one, so this is the time to build on your momentum. Discontinuing your SEO at this point, simply makes no sense, as all the hard work to reach page one will have been for nothing

2. Higher Positions, More Clicks – The amount of clicks you receive increases dramatically as you move from the bottom of page one towards the top. The first position on page one will achieve a click through rate (CTR) of around 30% (i.e. 30% of all searches for that query will click on your listing). This drops to about a 12% CTR for position three and falls to only around a 2% CTR for positions nine and ten. It’s clear that just getting to page one is not enough. Once you reach the first page on Google, the aim is to get as close to the top as possible. As you climb further up the first page, the level of competition towards the top increases substantially, so you need to work incredibly hard to reach and then defend the top positions. Once again, stopping a successful SEO campaign makes no sense, as you are simply opening the door for your competitors

3. Algorithm Updates – It’s estimated that Google makes roughly 500-600 algorithm updates every year, which makes the SEO environment very dynamic. Just because you are ranking well today, doesn’t mean you can become complacent. If reach the first page of Google, then stop your SEO campaign, you become very vulnerable to a loss of rankings due to algorithm updates. Maintaining your rankings takes just as much work as gaining them in the first place, so once it’s working, keep at it.

#10 How Does Google’s Algorithm Work And Can My Rankings Fall Suddenly?
Google crawls and categorises every web page it can find across the world. At the current time this totals over 130 trillion pages and it’s growing every day. These pages are sorted within Google’s index by their content, plus a range of other factors. Google’s algorithm is essentially a series of programs and mathematical formulas that sorts through the index and matches search queries to web pages. The results are ordered and ranked based on over 200 factors (and more than 10,000 individual weighted variables), encompassing things like relevancy, quality and recency.

Google’s algorithm is constantly changing. Each year there are approximately 500-600 algorithm updates, so our SEO team spends a good deal of time researching and testing. If you want to see some of the major updates, take a look at the algorithm change history by Moz. Google makes these algorithm updates to improve the search results, fight spam, counter black-hat SEO and to test new formulas. As Innovious Media uses only white-hat SEO, we look forward to algorithm updates, as they normally benefit our clients. Our philosophy is to try and understand Google’s intention, which is always centred around the user. By focusing on the same goal as Google (plus lots of testing and research), we can stay ahead of the algorithm updates and we tend to be rewarded as new updates are released.

By choosing a leading SEO company like Innovious Media, you are far less vulnerable to algorithm updates, although minor ranking fluctuations are quite normal. The big risk for your business is if your SEO company is using outdated or black-hat SEO techniques, as this can result in sudden and dramatic falls in rankings. Trying to outsmart or trick Google is a mugs game and eventually you’ll pay the price. Play by the rules and follow the philosophy at Innovious Media and you too will be looking forward to the next algorithm update.

#11 Do You Have Long-Term Contracts For Your SEO Campaigns?
Nope. Unlike many SEO companies, we don’t have 12-month contracts for our SEO services, as we feel our partnership should be based on results and performance. Instead, we have a very simple 90-day notice period for our SEO campaigns. The reason for our 90-day notice period is twofold:

1. 90-Day Campaign Planning – We create rolling 90-day plans for your SEO campaign allowing us to pool your campaign resources over 3 months to execute the tasks that will have the most impact on your campaign. If we didn’t do this, we would be extremely restricted to tackle critical tasks that may require more than a single month’s time allocation. Any SEO agency with month-to-month plans can’t forward plan effectively or complete time-intensive tasks that may be critical for optimum performance, placing their clients at a distinct disadvantage. Innovious Media is able to generate such strong results for our clients, due in part to our ability to plan ahead and to focus on tasks that will help you to out-perform your competition.

2. Commitment To Your Success – SEO is a medium to long-term strategy and requires consistent effort over many months to build and maintain momentum. SEO requires a genuine client-agency partnership based on mutual trust and commitment for it to be effective. If SEO campaign budgets were able to be changed from month-to-month, the effect on your SEO performance would be catastrophic. If you’re serious about getting results from your SEO campaign, you need to commit to the campaign for at least 6-12 months to allow it to mature and show results. Our 90-day notice period helps to protect your interests, as both parties are committed to getting results. You will start to see indicative results over the first 3-4 months, so use this time to assess if the partnership is the right fit for your business and during this time we can show you clear metrics in terms of your increasing SEO performance. This is much better approach than trying to find a month-to-month SEO agency who doesn’t invest time to build long-term relationships with their clients and is happy to simply replace them if things don’t work out. At Innovious Media, once we welcome you on board as a client, we’re totally committed to your success.